Technophobic seniors: include them or boot them out?


Was just sent this link to an article about a phone designed for baby boomers. I read the article and the intention seems very noble – designing a phone for technophobes (and possibly the infirm?) – the whole experience of using the phone seems to have been considered with full support from an online interface as well as a call centre. Sounds excellent. Instead of icons or menus, the...

Worse than self-referential design is design for your mum


I have often sat in design workshops and user research debriefs with groups of people who can’t help but bring their mother in the equation. Pot kettle and black I hear you say (I quote mine repeatedly) and go as far as having a category for her on this very blog. Below is a picture of a phone from fitage.com. Do you like it? Do you think the 60+ person in your life would like it? I have...

A word on accessibility


Another day another article on websites not being accessible. Why is it so hard for people to create websites that are accessible? What are the barriers? An accessible website doesn’t have to curb the creative juices in any way – it just requires a little bit of thought. Decent code, decent information structure and some well thought out content and you are mostly there. Why does that...

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Ivanka Majic works in technology. She was Head of Design for Ubuntu, service managed Digital Marketplace through to beta, was acting director of digital for the Labour Party. She lives and works in Brighton where she works with the council’s digital first team, does a bit of teaching at Sussex University, and works with her husband on projects like restaurantsbrighton.co.uk and the BRAVOs. She has also started a podcast with her friend Michael which you can listen to at grandpodcast.com.