Everything is not OK


Hi, it’s me. The person who responded to the president elect of the United States of America with a tweet about the importance of climate change. He hadn’t asked my opinion. He had just accidentally responded to a tweet that accidentally mentioned me so I accidentally ended up being thrown into the limelight for a short while.  My response though was deliberate. Given an opportunity to speak...

Remote Stitch and Bitch


(Same instructions apply for remote: Gin and Tonic or Coffee Morning) What is it? By remote I mean more than two people who are in different places being able to see and hear each other on screen. (If there are only two of you then FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Signal, Google Hangouts, etc as per usual). What do you need? Any computer, or laptop with an Internet browser. There are many browsers, the...

Trumpiversary 2020: Borrowed Earth


It’s January 17th again tomorrow… 3 years since that Tweet. I toyed with big ideas, I toyed with letting it go, but here I am, late evening 16th, putting together some thoughts. As we are discovering, accidental tweets are the very least of President Trump’s questionable activities but, for me, this still represents the day I decided to take the power accidentally given to me and use it as...

This is a civilised country


When I was 14 I lived in a country called Yugoslavia.This is a civilised country, people said, there will be no war. We had hyperinflation. That means that they had to knock zeros of the currency so you didn’t have to carry buckets of cash.This is a civilised country, people said, there will be no war. We had lots of nationalist chatter. Even some pop songs that triggered fights at school discos...

Do something


Hello, my name is Ivanka Majic and 2 years ago on the 17th of January Donald Trump accidentally tweeted me. I replied: And you’re a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on  Twitter and more time learning about #climatechange. I had lots of retweets and made it onto TV, Radio, and the newspapers. It was all very exciting. Two years on and the UN has issued a...

Trumpiversary: a year since President Donald Trump gave me a megaphone.


A year ago today President-elect Trump tweeted me – by accident. I replied highlighting climate change. The story got international coverage. I had a choice: sit quietly and wait for it to go away, or take the platform offered to me and add my own voice. While I am a person who is vocal and I have opinions, I have never sought any limelight. I was going to ignore it. The original tweet...

Michael and Ivanka’s Grand Podcast


Michael Forrest and I decided we would start a podcast. You can have a listen and subscribe at It’s an evolving project and I am enjoying recording it. If you would like to, you can have a listen right here: Or you can search for it on your podcast listening platform of choice. Just type in Michael and Ivanka’s Grand Podcast and you should be all set. Feedback and...

3 reasons why you should support Ubuntu Edge


Crowdfunding has been steadily proving itself as a viable way for increasingly commercial projects to seek upfront financial support from their customers, yet up till now, no-one has attempted anything quite as big as the £32m Ubuntu Edge project. Ubuntu Edge aims to build and ship 40,000 mobile phones, all running Ubuntu. It’s already breaking records and I want to give you three reasons...

Designing in the open


On Tuesday 9th of April I gave a little talk at Mozilla’s “Designing in the Open” event. Along with the rest of the speakers I was asked to prepare a 10 – 15 minutes talk and to be prepared for a discussion to follow. In preparation for the talk I spoke to a few people – designers and engineers – and one of them (@sil) said: “I hope you are going to publish this...

Dangers of double negatives


Riding around British Columbia one can’t help but notice the posters encouraging people to either vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in an upcoming referendum. Being the curious type I have of course asked around and discussed it with a few of the locals we have encountered. As a temporary visitor any opinion I might form on the actual tax is totally irrelevant but what has been...

About Author


Ivanka Majic works in technology. She was Head of Design for Ubuntu, service managed Digital Marketplace through to beta, was acting director of digital for the Labour Party. She lives and works in Brighton where she works with the council’s digital first team, does a bit of teaching at Sussex University, and works with her husband on projects like and the BRAVOs. She has also started a podcast with her friend Michael which you can listen to at