Line Rider


I like Line Rider. It reminds me a bit of a cartoon called La Linea (or Bajum Bajum!) that I used to watch when I was little. Now, thanks to Ajax web 2.0 wizadry we can make our own. Hurrah! It’s a long way from the Dragon 32 that I had when I was 8 and watching the afore mentioned cartoon. I could play chess, space invaders (not sure how the parents let the space invaders slip through but...

About Author


Ivanka Majic works in technology. She was Head of Design for Ubuntu, service managed Digital Marketplace through to beta, was acting director of digital for the Labour Party. She lives and works in Brighton where she works with the council’s digital first team, does a bit of teaching at Sussex University, and works with her husband on projects like restaurantsbrighton.co.uk and the BRAVOs. She has also started a podcast with her friend Michael which you can listen to at grandpodcast.com.